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Creating exciting software that feels fun and natural to our customers.
Products that are driven by a ambitions, and eloquent technology.



Ever had the perfect drinks, and the perfect company in the perfect setting but just didn't have the topics to get the ball rolling? Chatoms (Chat Atoms) are small, simple, and perfect conversational sparks, to initiate any conversation.



If you're interested in RubyMotion, you should join our monthly meetup to discuss the latest and greatest with the core developers! Sign up with RM Dispatch, MotionMeetup will help a RubyMotion developer of any level!

RailsGirls NOLA

We happily host RailsGirls with New Orleans Women in Technology. More info can be found on RailsGirls.com or our local chapter RailsGirlsNola.com


Enjoy reading up on our latest tech adventures.
Technology and coding from the pit.






Iconoclast Labs was formed by Gant Laborde and Matt Garrison in New Orleans in 2012. Each member has a degree in Computer Science and a passion for technology.


Gant Laborde is available for RubyMotion consulting with the team over at InfiniteRed. If you are a company looking for a quote on an iOS application, or interested in RubyMotion training please contact InfiniteRed by clicking here.




    The co-founders of Iconoclast Labs have been friends for 5+ years. Both have shared a passion to create "new" and "cool" products that don't suck.

    Abandoning the usual pitfalls of selling their time and working on dying technologies (cubefarms); Iconoclast Labs is about ideas breaking free of the traditional software dullery.

    Iconoclast literally means breaker of icons. From Iconoclast Labs are new, versitile, and enthrawling products that are meant to excite the creators as much as the customers.




    Our offices are currently located in the Greater New Orleans area.

    We're also known to travel to the ocassional hacker space or coffee shop for a change of scenery, until the beachfront empire is finished construction.

    Our online presence is usually in Chat on one of our service sites, here on the company website, or even interacting on one of our Product's Facebook pages.




    Being in technology for a while, we have experience in many new and old, but lately our focus has been Ruby on Rails and mobile technologies, like RubyMotion.

    As Rails developers, that means we also have extensive experience on the client side of things as well:

    • JavaScript / CoffeeScript
    • HTML 5 / CSS3 / Sass
    • jQuery / jQueryUI
    • Photoshop



    Matt Garrison is an active home brewer of many tasty beers, can handle himself in the kitchen, an avid reader, and dabbles in hobby electronics and DIY projects.

    Gant Laborde spends his leisure time reading as well as performing with a local comedy group. His time is heavily influenced by his penchant for Mario games and social adventures.

    Both Matt and Gant dedicate their free time to coming up with new project ideas that challenge them in new and exciting ways.



Below is a wide variety of our work, ranging from contracted business sites to fun apps.

Atomic Units of Conversation

Ever had the perfect drinks, and the perfect company in the perfect setting but just didn't have the topics to get the ball rolling? Chatoms (Chat Atoms) are small, simple, and perfect conversational sparks, to initiate any conversation.

Chatoms is a Conversation starter for you and your group of friends, an intimate evening alone, or simply a great way to pass the time in during a long car ride. We've engineered Chatoms.com to be mobile friendly, and even downloadable mobile apps have been created so it doesn't need the internet in order to work. This allows you to rest assured that you can keep the outlandish conversation rolling, in the most outlandish location. Choose from our wide variety of categories to keep the conversation where you'd like it (Normal, Fun, Philosophy, Out There, Love, Naughty, or Personal).

Monthly Online RubyMotion Meetup

Iconoclast Labs heads up the RubyMotion meetup each month. This online meetup will spotlight a developer from the RubyMotion community or general RubyMotion ecosystem to interview and interact with the community.

Meetups will, as of now, occur once a month and consist of at least 30 minutes of live discussion via video conference. The discussions will cover a wide array of topics generally consisting of each spotlighted guest’s projects all the way to their opinions and philosophies.


Drink Drank Drunk
Our drinking game!

What's life without a little fun and madness? Here's our drinking game, fullfilled by amazon. It's loads of fun!

More info and to purchase:

Amazon Store - Drink Drank Drunk

Barley Legal
Alcohol Brewing Calculator

A simple alcohol percentage calculator for your iPhone

Features: Provides both volume and weight percentages using starting and final gravities measured. Support for hydrometer calibration and for taking gravity readings at any temperature.
Click Here To Purchase

We're working on it!

Iconoclast Labs is currently working on this project!


FREE Trivia for Ruby Enthusiests

If you're a fan of the Ruby programming language, you're in luck! We've release a free iPhone app to help you become a better programmer.

Check out the Github page here: http://iconoclastlabs.github.io/rubytrivia/

Open Source
All of our Open Source Contributions

Iconoclast Labs likes to give back to Open Source as often as possible! All of our open source projects are available on Github. We'll often triage or fork other popular products, too!

Check out the gems/templates/examples and more that we're providing here: https://github.com/IconoclastLabs



About this Blog // We cover a myriad of topics ranging from technical gritty details, to a philosophical methodologies with rounded out opinions on general technology and business. If you're interested in coding or simply what we're working on next, the blog is flash in the pan for all our endeavors. Feel free to read up on our methods and toss in your opinion in the comments.

  • Mar 03
    Making an iPhone app shouldn't be difficult anymore. We have time tested programming languages, paradigms, and platforms. InfiniteRed and ClearSight Studio have been working towards simplifying iPhone development for years. By combining their efforts, they have welded together some of the most powerful RubyMotion gems in existence.
  • Oct 27
    It's rewarding to create something that you can share so everyone can enjoy. Web developers make fun, beautiful, and interactive creations all the time. With the Raspberry Pi, you can take your creations into the real world! CoffeeBoard is a simple Raspberry Pi project that allows you to serve a web page, where visitors can upload and choose what images should be scrolled across an 32x16 LED display.
  • Oct 15
    PostgreSQL is awesome as we all know, but pg_restore is slooowwww, especially if it’s rebuilding a lot of indexes on a moderately sized database. However, creating a database from a fully populated template database is *fast*, and you should read this if you've ever found yourself waiting on a pg_restore to finish.
  • //AUTHOR: Gant

    Oct 08
    So, if you're up with the latest on the tech scene, you've realized that now EVERYONE knows that because of slack, we all can basically get your Bank credentials. And I was doing such a great job, but now everyone can search my email and find out that I'm a member of the *Drown Kittens* team on slack. It's always been a fear of mine to let that cat out of the bag. *rimshot*
  • Oct 06
    Upon diving into my Raspberry Pi, I first found it requires a good work area for basic computer peripherals and electronics hardware. Unfortunately, this made it somewhat immobile. After commiserating with some fellow nerds at a local hackspace, we had come up with a pretty cool project to make it more mobile; an old suitcase with monitor/keyboard/power etc. all in one. While that would be pretty damn cool, it's a bit of overkill for my current needs. Fortunately, not ALL of what you do with the Pi is hardware, and there's no need to be chained to that workstation. Also, if your ultimate goal for your Raspberry Pi doesn't require a monitor, you'll need to make sure you can remote into it as needed. This blog post will show you how to set up your hostname for your Pi and ssh into it as needed.


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